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Welcome to the new website! I cannot believe I finally took the step in saying, “It’s time for something new!” My old website was very clunky, box-y and limited…I hated it. I knew in the back of my head, I needed to upgrade and do something about it. I kept dragging my feet at it. The time, the cost, the energy that had to go into building it, the list went on! It kept going on the “eventually in time” list.

I knew with a full time job and 2 kiddos (under the age of 4) it would nearly be IMPOSSIBLE to pull it off this year. But for some reason I bit the bullet and decided that it needed to be done. So I pulled the trigger, and somehow, in my spare time (HA!) I accomplished it all. I cannot believe it! This year was a rough year for all of us, so if this is the best thing that comes out of it, I am so unbelievably happy!

The past couple months have been rewarding, stressful and time consuming. Between editing sessions, shooting sessions and running this business, I found the time to make my dream a reality. I took vacation days from my full time job and devoted days to working JUST on this new website. Days away from the corporate life focusing on my business was just want I needed and what my business needed.

As you may notice, I also rebranded. What does that mean? A new logo, new colors, basically a whole new look (or face lift) for my business. It was time for something new! You may or may not know this, but when it comes to “rebranding,” it’s MORE than just a simple logo change. It’s not as easy as flipping a light switch, it takes time and energy in order for a rebrand to be successful. So over the last few months I haven’t just been working on the new website but I have also rebranded my entire business.

So as you browse through the new site, I hope you enjoy the new, clean, fresh look… I’ve spent HOURS on this website and it is SO REWARDING to be able to share this exciting news with all of you.

Thanks for visiting and I hope each of you have a safe and wonderful holiday with your families.

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  1. Lori says:

    Looks great Diana!

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