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Oh, what a year it has been! Despite the coronavirus and what it has affected, there are still some things in life that continued to happen. We continued to spend time with our family(ies), weddings still happened, newborns were still brought into this world, family photos were still taken, and seniors still graduated. As human beings, we couldn’t just stop what we were doing for an entire year. Life still happens. 

That’s one of the best things about being a photographer, I get to capture some of the most important life events. THAT’S WHY I LOVE MY JOB! The most exciting part of taking photos (for me) is seeing that perfect laugh or smile. That may be from a child’s face when I said poop behind the camera, or it’s that smirk from a bride when her husband told her something perverted in her ear. THOSE are the moments I love for. 

family photos, senior photos, wedding photos and children photos all in 2020

2020 was a rough year for all of us, so let’s do a 360 this year. Remember we can’t stop living during a pandemic. Our hearts are still beating, so let’s live it up (social distancing of course 😉). See the family members that you can while they are still on earth because you never know when their last day is. Continue to find adventures with your family so you can get out of the house and enjoy LIFE! Don’t stay cooped up inside, regretting that you just put your life on pause.

2021 is for a better year, a better person we will become, and more memories for us to cherish. Let’s live it up

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