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One of the best ways to guarantee an amazing senior session is to shoot at a great location! I live right outside of Fremont and Tiffin, Ohio, and there are so many photography spots for senior photos! No matter if you want a downtown urban feel or want to be surrounded by flowers and nature, there are a lot of options from which to choose. These are the best locations for senior portraits in Fremont, Ohio and the surrounding areas!

Local Downtowns

The downtown locations of Fremont, Tiffin, Sandusky, and Elmore, Ohio are really fun especially if you want buildings and streets in the background. These downtown areas are big enough to give you that “urban” feel but small enough to show off a sweet “hometown” vibe. There are cute shops, restaurants, alleyways, and textured walls to use in your photos. Also, if the sun is really harsh when we start shooting, we can take some photos in open shade and then later move to a more open street when the sun starts to set. The possibilities are endless when you shoot downtown!

Downtown Fremont | Aidan

With Aidan’s senior portraits in Fremont, Ohio, we had a lot of great spots for his photos downtown! He was able to wear two different outfits, one casual and one that was more formal. A lot of buildings had either red or white exposed brick with old signage for a background. We also shot on the sidewalks and took advantage of using stairs for some sitting poses.

senior boy posing for photos in downtown Fremont, Ohio

Downtown Sandusky | Maddie

Downtown Sandusky has so much to offer! Maggie’s senior session here was a lot of fun. The downtown area has some really pretty floral walking paths and of course the old state theatre. They also have a large water fountain looking over Lake Erie. This city gave us a good variety of photos where we could walk, stand, and sit for poses.

senior girl posing for photos in downtown Sandusky, Ohio

Downtown Elmore | Ella

Ella had a lot of great spots for her senior session in downtown Elmore, Ohio! I love the white brick on the store fronts and all of the large flower pots along the sidewalk. The back alleyways help create a different perspective when shooting. Ella was able to incorporate two different outfits for this location! You will also find some of her at another location 👇🏻😉

downtown Elmore, Ohio senior photo session

Tindall Bridge

Tindall Bridge is just southwest of Fremont right outside of town. This bridge is a “secret spot” if you are not familiar with the Fremont area. It offers a nice “urban feel” on top of the bridge, but gives a more nature feel underneath the bridge. There are beautiful stones/rocks to walk out on, and the background is filled with greenery and water at certain times of the year.


When we shot Ethan’s senior session here, it was the best time of year! Everything was green and the water under the bridge was low enough for us to stand on the rocks. Shooting here is one of the best outdoor areas in Fremont. It gives enough variety to have both nature and architecture in the same place.

Tindall Bridge in northwest Ohio with senior boy

Creek Bend Farm

Just 5 miles west of Fremont, this place has LOADS of options! Creek Bend Farm has more of a “country” and “nature” feel, but with lots of spots to take photos! There are two red barns on site. The red barns are great when seniors wear a solid top or a bright flannel button down shirt.


In addition to shooting in downtown Fremont, Aidan also had some photos taken at Creek Bend Farm. The water, rocks, and tall fields all lend a good mix for senior portraits in one location. This area is honestly great for either a girl or boy senior session, no matter what kind of outfit they choose.

Creek Bend Farm senior boy senior portraits


Here are some more pictures of Ella! She actually wore two different dresses at Creek Bend Farm, but they were both great choices for this location. I love shooting in weedy fields (I know, I’m a farm girl saying that 🤫) with tall grass because it creates a nice texture for photos. Even if it’s still a little bright outside, these weeds and tall grasses diffuse the sun light. Creek Bend Farm has multiple areas for a variety of pictures!

senior girl spinning around in a field at Creek Bend Farm in northwest Ohio

Schedel Gardens

While I don’t have photos from a senior session at this location, it’s another great option for pictures! The gardens have 17 acres of flowers! This place is gorgeous! Schedel Gardens is such a beautiful place to capture your senior portraits!

house and water at Schedel Gardens in northwest Ohio

East Harbor State Park

I love shooting at this location because we have access to a beach! My senior girls love to have their photos taken here. It’s great for wearing a flowy dress and kicking your feet around in the water. A lot of senior girls will actually get in the water at the end of their session and get wet! It’s so much fun and I love STOPPING water in mid air! 😉


Callie opted for a red floral dress and a green top and jeans for her senior session at East Harbor State Park. We walked along the water and up near the trees. It’s great when the wind is blowing just a little to create some movement in an outfit and the senior’s hair. *and we all know, right off the lake, it’s can be very windy! I love the fun summer vibe you get from shooting at this location!

senior girl posing for photos at East Harbor State Park beach

Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University is 18 miles from Fremont and located in downtown Tiffin, Ohio. This campus is the perfect spot when you want a lot of buildings and architecture in the background. There are a lot of walking paths, different backgrounds, and a nice modern, gray bridge. The stone buildings create a historical feel when you’re at this university.


We shot Rylan’s photos here during the fall season, and wow was it worth it! All of the pretty colors on the trees were just at the right peak for us to shoot some gorgeous pictures! Rylan used his senior session to show off his Tiffin Columbian letterman jacket and band uniform, along with his trumpet of course.

Heidelberg University fall senior session

Your High School

You’re probably thinking, why my school? I’m so tired of being there! Well, let me tell you – this IS the place from which you are graduating. It’s the place where you spent 4 years of your high school career. I know those years have been long. I’ve been there and I get it…but let’s feature some of those great memories so you can always remember them. If you’re a football senior or a cheerleader, let’s take some photos on the football field, the locker room, or even in the grand stands! Your school is filled with character, so let’s find it! 👌🏻


Cole played football for Monroeville High School, so this is where he wanted to take his senior photos. I loved shooting on the field and on and under the bleachers. We also got access to the locker room and took some photos there as well. Cole really enjoyed being a football player for his school, and now he has some great memories from this fun time in his life.

high school football player posing for senior photos


Ethan is another high school football player, from Clyde High School. Sport photos are so fun and different. Whether it is the football, softball, or pom pom – I will be sure to make you throw it. 😉 I also love bleacher shots – even if you didn’t play football! The silver seats just let off a great natural color skin tone.

Some days I am still stunned at all of the amazing locations that Tiffin, Fremont and places in between have to offer for senior portraits! (There’s even more that are not even on this list!) There is literally every kind of place, no matter if you want to shoot downtown, in a nature setting, or both! These photos are most likely going to the last professional photos you take before you get married. (Crazy to think, am I right?!) So this is the time to celebrate all of your accomplishments before you start down a new path in life. My calendar is just starting to fill for spring 2023, so if you want to book a senior session this spring and summer, contact me so we can talk about some ideas!

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One of the best ways to guarantee an amazing senior session is to shoot at a great location! I live right outside of Fremont and Tiffin, Ohio, and there are so many photography spots for senior photos! No matter if you want a downtown urban feel or want to be surrounded by flowers and nature, […]


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