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As a wedding photographer, I strive to give my couples a seamless stress-free day! There’s no doubt that something will change such as the weather or a groomsman having to drive back to the hotel to get his tie. There’s a lot to do when it comes to planning a wedding, and I love supporting my bride and groom with a detailed schedule of their day. I love and serve my couples by creating a customized wedding day timeline!

Filling Out the Questionnaires

Two to three months before your wedding, we start working on your customized wedding timeline. Why do I make this extra step with my couples? I do this because I want to help them have the most streamlined and smooth wedding day possible. I want to take my own wedding day experience and help others! I know how much time I need to complete certain aspects of a wedding day as a photographer. By creating a customized wedding day timeline for all my wedding couples, I’m guaranteeing that I’m doing all I can to ensure that the bride and groom will have an amazing day!

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I ask all my couples to fill out two different questionnaires two to three months before the wedding date. The first one is all about the bride and groom on their actual wedding day. This includes when the bride and groom are arriving at the ceremony location and what time the reception starts.

The second questionnaire is all about your family portraits. Who the heck do you want in them? Lol! You will list out ALL of the bride’s immediate family members (mom, dad, siblings). You will also list out all the groom’s immediate family. If you want extended family portraits which include aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, we can definitely add those to your list!

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After those two questionnaires are complete, I will make your customized wedding day timeline. Your timeline is all based on what you have told me via your questionnaire answers. This is what makes it “customized”. I don’t have a formula where I plug in times and it makes it for me. I manually figure out what time I need to start shooting, what time we need to do a first look, and what time we need to be leaving for the reception venue, among other events of the day.

The first rough draft of the wedding day timeline is sent to my bride and groom to make any changes. I exchange emails with my clients on any other edits if needed. Sometimes there isn’t anything to fix and everything looks good. However, I want to encourage you and your spouse-to-be to thoroughly go through it just in case I missed something! 

Toledo Ohio photographer creating a customized wedding timeline

I love creating customized wedding day timelines because I have learned that not every wedding photographer does it. It DOES take some work and it does take some experience, but I’m so honored to help my couples with this step. I have been a guest at weddings where I can tell that the photographer is just “winging it”. I am here to love and serve my amazing couples, and creating a customized wedding day timeline is how I know I’m doing a good job!

If you are excited about working with a wedding photographer who plans a customized wedding timeline just for you, then please reach out so we can start planning your special day!

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