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My first double header is COMPELTE! WOOP WOOP! What is that you ask? It’s where you have one wedding on a Friday and then another one on Saturday. So this wedding, Vinny and Emily’s, was my Saturday wedding. So thank you Vinny and Emily for giving me this opportunity and being part of my first double header!

Vinny and Emily are the sweetest, nicest and most appreciative couple I’ve ever met. From thanking me a hundred different times at the wedding to telling me I was doing a great job throughout the day, I was so honored to be part of it.

One of my favorite things to shoot on a wedding day are the detail shots of the wedding invite, rings, shoes, jewelry, garter, bouquet, program, etc. I like to start the day off with taking those photos and “getting warmed up.” For this particular wedding, I actually designed the wedding suite (I’m also a graphic designer ;)), so it was great to put those special touches of Emily’s in those shots. For those of you still planning your wedding day, please do not forget about those detail shots. I always ask that you have those items ready to go when I first get there. Though the items may be small, they are just as important as the rest of the day.

The day continued on with the most precious first look of Vinny and Emily. The moment was private, genuine and very special (which I will always make it!). Vinny had the best reaction I’ve ever shot. He was so surprised by her beauty and was BEYOND excited to see her (as he told me) that tears were shed. All I can say was the next couple mins were so genuine and precious, it was priceless. As always, I gave the couple their time to hug, kiss, and chat it up before I started in on the bride and groom portraits.

After the most romantic first look I’ve ever shot, I started in on bride and groom portraits, bridal party portraits and then immediate family portraits…all before the ceremony…YAY! Then just like any other wedding, the ceremony was next, a fun party bus ride around town (for them, not me) and then a wonderful evening at The Centre in Bluffton, Ohio to celebrate the happy couple.

From the delicious meal they served to the beautiful night time portraits we captured outside in the weeds (yes they were in the weeds, JUST trust me) it was a long but fun filled day.

So here’s to Vinny and Emily, for finishing my first double header wedding with a bang!

– Diana

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