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DJ & Reba Esker

BBQ, booze, and bad dance moves – the perfect theme for this wedding! But we can’t forget the wagon rides, the tall boots and the friends and family this couple was surrounded by on this particular Saturday in September. The barn was FULL for both the ceremony and the reception! What a wonderful feeling and beautiful sight to see.

I had first met Reba years ago, through various occasions and have known her ever since. She is a caring, considerate, country girl that isn’t afraid to work (or the dirt for that matter). So when she asked me to shoot her big day I was beyond honored to be a part of it.

As you all know, I LOVE shooting weddings and it’s always exciting for me when I know the person. I may not know them that well or be super close to them, but it gives that person just a little bit of satisfaction and reinsurance (or so I think!) that I will do a great job. Some brides have known me from the past (through Ohio State, FFA, 4-H, friends of friends, the list goes on…) and have put their trust in me to shoot one of the biggest days of their lives…does that make me sacred? NAH, it makes me EXCITED and HONORED. I love helping people out and if that’s helping my fellow/past friends with a camera on my hip on their wedding day, then so be it! I would be HONORED!

This wedding was great, despite the rain…but that’s what we get for living in Ohio! The good news is that, it only rained for about 20 minutes, right when the ceremony was about to start. Not a huge deal though! After the rain cooled it down, the ceremony started and the rest of the day flew by. The ceremony and reception were taken place at Reba’s family farm/shop…what a beautiful location and barn!

From one side of the barn to the next, (and of course the tractor outside) this location was stunning. The work that was put into cleaning up the barn and getting every little detail ready, did NOT go unnoticed!

Weddings are a lot of preparation and if it wasn’t for family and friends, it wouldn’t be possible. So here’s to the best family and friends every bride & groom has and here’s to ANYONE that has ever helped in the wedding preparation process for ANYONE…your work very much appreciated!

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