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What a perfect wedding to start off with for my 2021 wedding season. The day went by smoothly, the weather was perfect and the sun was shining! 

My favorite part about this job is the clients. From meeting someone new at a session to bossing around the bridal party at a wedding, I love working with my clients. Katie and Josh, you two were wonderful to work with…even your bridal party was a blast! Thank you for all for being patient with me, kind, as well as caring. It was so nice to shoot a wedding knowing that I had a great group of individuals to work with. 

Jokes were made, laughs were shared, and a TON of photos were taken to prove it! This bridal party wanted to remind me that you cannot hear the laughter in a photo…well duh of course not….but that’s not why I do it. 😉 I like to make the bridal party get excited and loud because that’s when the true emotions are shown. The inappropriate jokes come out, the hooping and hollering come out and everyone is having a blast. THOSE are the smiles I want because THOSE are the natural smiles that make the photo. So thanks for testing my knowledge bridal party, I do know that you cannot hear laughter in a photo. 😉😂

I LOVE capturing the RAW emotions on a wedding day (that goes for ANYTHING I shoot). So a small tip for future weddings: brides, grooms, bridal parties, and even family members for that matter….don’t be afraid to cry, laugh or let it all out! I want to see that emotion! Those are the moments that I’ll be capturing right beside you. And those are the photos that will truly be THE BEST to look back at.

Thanks again Josh and Katie for letting me work with you and your bridal party on one of the biggest days of your lives. Here’s to a huge milestone in your life and a memory that will last forever. 

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