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Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot! Not only do I get to meet the couple for the first time (for most of my couples it works that way,) but I also get to see how they interact with each other. When a couple shows their love for each other, how they communicate and how they giggle at each other jokes, it helps me know what is special about them.

Sometimes my couples tell me they are nervous when it comes time for their engagement session and I always respond with “WHY?!” They usually say they’ve never had professional photos done before and they don’t know what to expect. Therefore, I want to ensure ALL my clients that I will make their engagement session the best hour of their life! 👏🏼

And here’s how I’m going to do that, With these helpful tips to make the most of your engagement session, our time together will go so fast and you will be completely at ease in front of the camera!

One of the most important tips to keep in mind is to be yourself! This is especially true when it comes to choosing your outfits. Make sure to pick something that you love and feel good in. You should always be comfortable in what your wearing. Otherwise, you’re going to worry about your outfit being too tight or short and you won’t be able to focus on the actual portrait session.

I always encourage my couples to try on everything before the day of the session! Heck, I even encourage you to try it on at LEAST a week before, and that way, if something doesn’t fit or look right, you have time for a back up! 😉 …trust me, anything can happen.

All of my couples are welcome to wear two outfits for their engagement session. It’s ok if you don’t want to wear two different outfits. You can just wear one. However, 95% of my clients will wear two outfits so they have some extra variety in their photos.

I make sure to remind my couples to EMPTY POCKETS before the engagement session. If you have anything such as a pocket knife, sunglasses, or a phone, just leave those in your car. I carry a shoulder messenger bag with me during my shoots, so you are MORE than welcome to put your car keys, brush, lip gloss or any other items in my bag.

You aren’t in front of a camera every day, so you don’t have to know it all before your session. I will pose you through the ENTIRE engagement shoot! You do not need to research poses if you don’t want to because I have that covered! I promise I’ll make the entire session fun! If you do have a particular pose in mind that you want to try, be sure to tell me and we can try it out! There’s also no need to be nervous! I will walk you through every part of the session. From where to place your hands, where to look and when to smile, I will direct you for every single pose. Trust your engagement photographer!

You don’t want to get dressed up just for your engagement session! Be sure to plan something fun to do afterwards. Make a dinner date, go grab coffee together, or find another fun way to treat yourselves! You just knocked one more thing off your wedding to do list! 😉

With these helpful tips to make the most of your engagement session, you will feel like a pro by the time we are finished, and your wedding day will be a breeze! If you’re looking to book your wedding date for 2024, send me an email soon because my calendar is getting full!

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