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Carter Turns Two Years Old! | Ohio Family Photographer

Carter is officially two years old! I was so excited when Carter’s mom Ali reached out to hire me again as their photographer in Ohio! Carter’s dad is actually my cousin. I am truly blessed each time I get to work with family members. This family has always valued my time and work and has always enjoyed the photos I’ve captured for them.

Shooting children (I know that sounds bad! 😂) is so enjoyable for me. ❤️

boy sitting on a chair in a yellow field

When Ali and I were planning ideas for Carter’s photo shoot, we decided on a few themes! The first one was simple, open field with lots of tall grass and wildflowers. We started his photo shoot there with him just wearing a simple white t-shirt and jeans and a small chair as a prop. Isn’t he just the most beautiful boy?! 🥰 The Downing’s are currently building a house, so Ali definitely wanted to use the skid loader for some photos, so that was our second theme. We had Carter stand in the bucket, play in the bucket, shovel some dirt, a little bit of everything for this kiddo! As long as his Tonka trucks were in there. 😏

little boy wearing orange overalls posing for birthday photos

Carter doesn’t like ice cream, but he does love popsicles! So for the third theme of the session, we had Carter sit on top of an old Coca-Cola wooden box and a wagon. We placed a few popsicles on the ground as props. He of course was eating as many popsicles as he could the entire session, no matter what flavor they were!

little boy wearing blue shorts and eating a popsicle outside

Our last theme of the session, which was unplanned, was to photograph him with their pigs in the barn. Sometimes all a little boy needs is to eat popsicles and get dirty on the family farm!

boy feeding his family's pigs on a farm in Ohio

When I talk with my family clients beforehand, I always like to have a plan ahead of time. Brainstorming ideas and themes, especially when it comes to celebrating any milestone birthday, is such a good idea. This way, the parents can prepare, and then I know if I need to bring any extra items with me. Less is more! It’s best to keep the photo session simple with just a few props to accentuate the theme! It’s ok if you don’t have an idea or a theme yet! I’m here to help you plan the perfect photo sessionIf you’re ready to celebrate a special birthday for your child, visit my contact page so we can start planning ideas!

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