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Diana Podach editing and running the business is the value of a session

No matter what the session is, there is more to a photo session than one thinks. It’s more than just showing up the day of, smiling for photos and then receiving them a few weeks later. It’s the time, energy and thought process that I personally put into each session (the value), that sometimes people forget about.

A session truly starts the minute the decision is made to schedule with me. Whether that’s an email, text or a phone call…THAT’s when it starts. From there, that’s when the fun begins! We then conquer the when, where and what time works for the two of us. I get a lot of, “I have no idea where we should take our family photos!” Perfectly fine, let me assist you! I have taken photos in so many different locations and cities. I would be more than willing to assist you in that process!

Diana adding her value to a family session during family fall photos

After we have your session scheduled and you are in my calendar, I normally will not bug you until about 2 weeks before. I may shoot you a simple text or a friendly email just reminding you about the day of and answering any other questions you may have. 

The next step is the session. The. Best. Part. For me at least 😉 At the session I will work my butt off to get a toddler to crack a smile, or a dog to look at the camera. I will jump up and down for the attention of an infant or stand in a manure pen (please warn me 😉😂) to get the PERFECT angle. After the session is complete, I will get them edited and returned back to you within three weeks. (*Please be respectful as I have a full time job on top of this business and a small family of my own.)

Diana fixing hair in the middle of shooting, showing that she cares about her clients in northwest Ohio

Regardless of what the session is…..I LOVE shooting. Weddings, families, seniors, children and maternity…..they all have ONE thing in common: memories. That’s why I do this job, I do it for the smiles that I get in return. I do it for the families so they can look back on in 10 years, and think WOW, that was a great time. It’s for the laughs and the FUN that it brings to me when I’m shooting. I do it for the clients.

It’s more than just a side gig for me, it’s a passion that I love. Something that isn’t just a thing on my to do list to complete. It’s an experience that I hope my clients have fun with. And also a memory that I hope will make a lasting impression. THIS is the true value of a session.

If you haven’t had the chance for me to shoot your family, children, or graduating senior, reach out to me today or click here! I would love to help you capture those memories so you can view them for a lifetime.

In the meantime, enjoy some of these BTS (behind the scene) action shots. 😉 And please do not be afraid to snap a photo of me shooting, if you ever have a session with me! 🤗

working behind the scenes at the photo session at in a studio

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